Gigabit Verified



A Stage’s reputation is everything and it’s the booker’s responsibility to maintain that reputation. Their job is all about selecting live entertainment that can accomplish the following:

  • Fit a particular predefined aesthetic

  • Meet or exceed a minimum standard of quality

  • Properly engage with the audience

  • Start on time and fulfill all contract conditions

This is why bookers tend to only consider bands and acts that they have previously worked with. We want to CHANGE ALL THAT.

In 2019, we’ll be taking the Gigabit Talent Network to the next level as we roll out the Gigabit Verified program. Live acts that meet certain quality standards in performance, technical skill, stage presence, and promotional engagement will be granted the Gigabit Verified Patch.

Blue Horns Patch.png

With the Gigabit Verified Patch, Stages who have NEVER WORKED WITH YOU BEFORE can be confident that your performance will meet or exceed their expectations.

How to get Gigabit Verified in THREE EASY STEPS:

STEP ONE | Make sure you’ve signed up to receive our Gig Offer Emails:

STEP TWO | Register a Mobile Press Kit with us!

STEP THREE | Apply by sending us an email at with the following information:

  • Band / act name

  • Website (if you have one)

  • Preferred social media handles (optional but recommended)

  • Descriptions of your last 3 performances (venue name, address, capacity, audience attendance / feedback, other important takeaways)

Our verification team will review your application and get back to you as quickly as possible.

⚠️ Receiving a Gigabit Verified patch is NOT GUARANTEED. If you’re request is denied, we will let you know exactly why so you may reapply. ⚠️