vMix Interview Instructions (Mobile Device)

ongratulations! You’re going to be on live TV! Well… not TV but the internet. At Gigabit Live, our main priority is to make this broadcast as easy and comfortable for you as possible, while also striving for the highest level of quality and professionalism.

Minutes before the broadcast itself, the last thing you should be worrying about are all of the technical aspects that go into a successful show, like internet connectivity, video, audio, etc.

To help you get the most out of your remote interview, we’ve created this step-by-step guide that will be essential to the overall success of the broadcast. Please take the time to read it before the day-of-show and remember to test everything early and often!

Break a leg! You’ll do great!


  1. Choose a location

  2. Speed test

  3. Basic lighting

  4. vMix Call link

  5. Gigabit Dashboard layout

  6. Change your video and audio device on Chrome

  7. Move your video box

  8. Frame your shot


Step 1: Choose a filming location

Location is one of the biggest factors in how you’re presented on camera but potential locations can be limited by lack of internet or bad lighting (which we will go over in STEP 2 and 3). Your first step is to find a location that, ideally, is isolated from outside noise and distractions and that you feel most comfortable speaking on camera in. Also make sure that you have access to the internet in that space.

Step 2: Test the speed of your internet connection

Now that you’re in your potential “filming location”, testing your internet connectivity and speed is absolutely crucial for a good broadcast. This is why this step is far and away the most important in the bunch.

For most broadcasts, Gigabit Live utilizes the video call feature within our live production software called vMix. It works similarly to Zoom but requires slightly more bandwidth so these steps will ensure that you have the minimum requirements for a solid broadcast.

We strongly recommend testing your internet speed/connectivity a couple times; once as early as possible (like right now!) as well as once on the day of the broadcast to make sure that things are working properly and don’t change over time. Testing as early as possible allows time for making any necessary adjustments.

  1. For the best and most stable connection, we highly recommend plugging your laptop directly into your router/modem via ethernet. If this can’t be done, it’s ok. A strong wifi connection will work just fine.

  2. Click the “GO” button and wait until the test has completed..

3. Press the “COPY LINK” button to copy your speed test data. Your Gigabit Project Manager will ask for this link.

4. We recommend at least 5 mbps download and upload speed. If you are using wifi and aren't reaching these speeds, try finding a new location closer to the router or switching to a stronger wifi signal. Some home internet networks will have both a 2.4 and 5 network so toggle between the two and repeat the speed test to find the strongest one.

Step 3: Adjust your lighting

Have you ever been on a Zoom call and someone looks blown out or so dark that you can’t see them? It’s usually not the webcam’s fault. That person just didn’t properly light themselves!

Webcams are convenient for video calls and teleconferencing but are not the best cameras in the world. With some of these simple lighting tricks, you can make the most out of your webcam.

  1. You’ll want your face to be lit from the front, not the back, or else you’ll appear silhouetted and people won't be able to see your face.

  2. If your broadcast is scheduled for daytime, don't sit in front of a bright window with the webcam facing toward the light! Instead, sit facing the window and place your webcam in between you and the light source.

  3. Are you in a dark room? Bring in a light source like a lamp or ring light and place it behind the webcam shining onto your face.

  4. If you find yourself in an office, you may be underneath harsh fluorescent lights. Experiment with turning off these lights and bringing in softer light sources like lamps with incandescent bulbs or LED bulbs for better results. Remember: lights go on your face and behind or to the side of the webcam, not in front!

Step 4: Open the vMix Call link in browser

The video call software we use, vMix Call, works very similarly to Skype or Zoom. It’s entirely browser-based so there is no download required. Once you’ve received your vMix Call link from your Gigabit Project Manager, all you need to do is click on it and you will be taken to the website in your default that looks like the picture below. [If you’re on a Windows computer, we recommend using Firefox as your browser. For all other operating systems, we recommend Chrome.]

  • Put your full name in the first box and click JOIN CALL.

  • IMPORTANT: Don’t delete or change the password (it looks like a phone number). If you do, simply close the browser and click on the vMix link again.

Example: https://vmix.at/20IxLI

Step 5: Gigabit Dashboard Layout

Pressing JOIN CALL will connect you to the vMix Call and you'll be faced with our custom Gigabit Dashboard View.

  • The live “program” feed (what the audience sees) is in the top right corner.

  • The various talent video feeds (including yours) are in the top left

  • The aggregated live chat (Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, Gigabit Custom Landing Page) is in the bottom left corner

  • The countdown timer and other notes from the producer are located in the bottom right

We may edit this layout depending on the event, amount of on-screen personalities, or upon request. Example below:

Step 6: Change audio and video devices on Google Chrome browser

Now that you're familiar with our layout, we need your help to ensure that you are sounding and looking your best! Typically, we recommend our clients to use google chrome.

When you log into the vmix call you may see your camera in a red box on the screen. If vMix doesn’t detect your camera, it will display a box as shown below. Follow these instructions to get your camera turned on.

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