How it Works

Whether it’s an album release, a multiple-act concert or a community event, we’ll provide hands-on project management from start to finish.




Creating Your Vision

You choose an event format that fits your needs, whether it’s one of our event templates (festival, simple concert, album release, fundraiser) or a customized project. Need promotional assets? We can help you create video trailers and coordinate with all event stakeholders to plan a social media thunderclap.


Remote Contribution and Technical Setup

We help all parties set up to contribute live, high-quality video and audio to your presentation. Anybody with a strong internet connection and a smartphone or laptop can contribute to your live event, from anywhere in the world.


The Production:


Seamless Live Show Production

Our experienced live stream producer switches between scenes in real time, closely monitors your stream health, and minimizes dropouts or unsightly video artifacts, ensuring a fluid and beautiful presentation.


A Holistic Virtual Experience

We create virtual lobbies and green rooms for audiences and talent, respectively, to simulate the live experience as closely as possible. We also offer real-time chat aggregation and moderation, so you can communicate directly with your audience on all stream destinations simultaneously.


Multi-Cast Streaming

Stream your presentation to 13 unique stream destinations including (but not limited to) Facebook Pages, YouTube Channels, Twitch Channels, etc. 




Event Analytics

After the event is complete, we’ll send you an in-depth graphical analysis of how your stream performed in terms of concurrent viewership over time, total views, and chat engagement across all of your stream destinations.


Event Videos

From your streamed event, we can create videos for your future use, whether it’s promotional highlights for a music festival or a 30-second recap of an album release.