We're dropping the LIVE... and the red.

First of all, we're not fully dropping the live--just out of our Company logo. Gigabit.live is still our website and the name of our amazing suite of apps that are in development (available in beta soon). As far as colors go, the red was a bit... much. Red is the color we initially chose because of it's hot-blooded, passionate and attention grabbing nature, but soon after we began developing our UI, it became clear that we needed to find a color palette that was softer and more in line with our vibe. So, we decided we needed a change. Recently, we dug into our archive of show photos taken by our very own, Kates Eyvazzadeh, and stumbled upon this gem:

Website Homepage Image 1 COMPRESSED.jpg

It's a stunning image: a poised and powerful performer mid-movement as the stage lights subtly illuminate her face and backlight her hair like stained glass. There is an especially magical and romantic way that stage lights enhance a performer in the moment and we wanted to capture that in the Gigabit brand. Using the eyedropper tool we, literally, extracted the subtle pink, blue, and teal hues from the picture and voila. We're quite proud of the result:

New Map Pin Trimmed.png

New peeps, who dis?


This is Allie Barbera. She's an opera singer. Yeah, I know... she's super dope. She began working at Gigabit in December of 2017 as an intern and quickly proved herself to be one of the company's most crucial assets. In her new role as Outreach Coordinator, she will utilize her unbridaled passion, strength of character, and sharp wit will help Gigabit grow and flourish in her native city (kinda) of New York (she's from Jersey). 


Drumroll please... drrrrrrrrrrrrrRRRRR CSHHHHH! Please welcome our new amazing Director of Marketing, Pat Timmons! Pat has an indisputable passion for local live music and nothing speaks to this better than his own words about the local Boston Pop Music scene which can be found at his blog Pat on Pop. Of course, everyone accepts that the music industry has its challenges but Pat is uniquely driven to making lasting and impactful changes to benefit those Artists that work hard and deserve to be recognized (and compensated) for their talent.

So, what's next?

For nearly a year and a half, Gigabit has been working hard and putting our noses to the grindstone to learn as much as possible about the local booking and gigging community here in our glorious hometown of Boston (and the amazing music communities in the surrounding areas). We've spent countless hours talking with local bookers and musicians alike as well as booking and gigging ourselves. It's been such an amazing learning experience for us and we sincerely thank all of the people who have been generous with their feedback and supportive to our vision.

Our COO and Booker in Chief, Josh Larson, has been quite busy in the last few months coordinating dozens of high paying gigs with our booker and musician "alpha testers" at awesome stages like the House of Blues Restaurant, the Foundation Room, Yotel, and Good Life. In one month, musicians in the Gigabit Talent Network earned over $5000! And that's just in our testing phase!

As for me, your trusty captain, with both hands gripping tight the helm of the good ship Gigabit, I thank you for reading, and even more, for caring about local music. You make the rockin' world go 'round.

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