Griffin Bach, Co-founder and CEO

Singer and producer of the band Wolfsmyth, vocals and keys for Bearstronaut, and rabid YouTube self-educator, Griffin is a lifelong music creator and local music aficionado. He has worked all angles of the music scene from security manager of the House of Blues to recording engineer at Q Division Studios, but his biggest joy in life is writing and performing original music and helping others find their path in the local music industry. Griffin also wrote this very sentence.


Josh Larson, Co-founder and COO

Booker, drummer, tech junkie and proud father of a future metal-head, Josh got his start booking bands as a teenager and continued his passion for putting together amazing events at the House of Blues Boston after becoming manager of its Foundation Room VIP Lounge. After many successful years booking the famous space, he realized that the local booking world was desperately in need of a technological upgrade and conceived of the early vision of Gigabit. He does NOT like tomatoes.