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About Us

Our Mission

In the times before the pandemic forced the shutdown of nearly all music venues, we dedicated all of our energy towards building mutually beneficial relationships between small business owners and performers. Our goal was two-fold: Enable performers to book more gigs and enable restaurant and bar owners to book amazing talent that fills their space through the digitization of the search, book, and payment experience.

With the onset of Covid-19, our focus had changed, but our central mission did not. Supporting small business owners and performers by increasing their revenue possibilities through digital technology is the core of our business.

Our Vision

You know your fans, followers, and clientele more than any one, we’ve built affordable technology solutions to bring your passion to the digital mainstage. Together we can build a live stream program that is uniquely your brand, appeals to your audience, and enables thoughtful interaction. We’ll support you every step of the way, whether you’re new to live streaming, or a seasoned pro - we have the team and tech to scale to your unique event.

A tech-first enabler of more gigs, more fans, more interactions, and more revenue.

Our Leadership

Griffin Bach Headshot Co-Founder of Gigabit

Griffin is a singer, keyboardist and drummer who started playing music as early as toddlerhood, banging on pots and pans in his mom’s kitchen, and continues to this day as singer and keytar-wielder of Boston-based heavy-metal outfit Wolfsmyth.


In his own words: “By itself, art is the language of the heart, soul and what it means to be alive. Live concerts (and all forms of live performance) are like altars and shrines where some of us go to speak this language, others go to listen, and everyone goes to be part of the conversation. As soon as I stepped onto the open field where I saw my first live concert, I became entranced by what would become a lifelong obsession .”


Interests: vocal harmonies, proggy synth lines and tapping the fretboard

Favorite word: frisson

Griffin Bach

Co-founder / Livestream Producer

Josh Larson Headshot Co-founder of Gigabit

Josh Larson

Co-founder / Project Manager

Josh started his music career in high school, booking local bands for charity events before studying Music Business as well as Show Production and Touring in college. He has 15 years of industry expertise in tour management, event management, talent booking, and record label and venue operations. Noteworthy experiences include managing and booking talent for the Foundation Room at the Boston House of Blues and touring South by Southwest and Never Say Never Festival, among others.


Above all, Josh’s world revolves around supporting and celebrating local artists through community events. That includes designing a silent disco for 800 students of the Colleges of the Fenway; organizing “Pass the Mic,” a music networking event and workshop for the suburbs; and helping run South Shore Musicians Network, a 900-member group on Facebook.


Interests: Math rock, Dungeons and Dragons,  and grilling with an ice-cold Pabst Blue Ribbon