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Gigabit is a Boston based full service media production company that provides multi-camera broadcast-quality streaming services. We take the vision for your physical event and emulate it in the virtual world by producing seamless, high quality livestreams for your audience to engage with and enjoy.

First time hosting a virtual event? We’ve got you covered. 

From concept to completion, Gigabit will help you communicate your message and engage online audiences through public or private platforms.

Have a far-out idea for an event? Let's try it!

Our team loves custom projects and will find an event format that works best for you.

Why Livestream?

It’s immediate (share info in real time, viewer analytics, opportunities for ads and sponsors). It’s interactive (social media integration, online Q&A, live polls). And it’s cost-effective (lower carbon footprint of events, viewers can experience events without being onsite, far cheaper than traditional TV broadcast)

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Livestreaming is TRUST content.

Livestreaming builds consumer trust because it engages viewers in an authentic and transparent way.


This personal and raw human element gives a face and voice to the content, something that cannot be communicated in writing or in other social media formats.

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Livestreaming is FOREVER content.

Your content lives beyond the event on several channels, helping your brand to continually gain viewership.


High quality content that can be sliced and diced in a multitude of ways and be repurposed as additional marketing content. 

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Welcome to Gigabit! We specialize in livestreaming your message around the globe using far-reaching platforms such as Facebook Live, Instagram, Twitch and YouTube. We can also utilize private platforms for a select audience.

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